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Expertise & Brand Identity

We start every project with understanding the business behind it, define a strategy and brand image which have scalable potential and can be delivered within a reasonable budget, time frame and prove its market value as soon as possible.

RTB media-buying & Performance Marketing.

The most powerful method to push forward thru mobile web any product, brand or service in terms of efficiency and price, in 2017 is RTB marketplace. We are experts in programmatic media-buying and we know how to get lower traffic costs and good quality at the same time.

Web/App Development

Once we have learned what needs to be delivered, we choose the proper technology and create a custom approach for each particular project.We develop the Flexible and Intuitive design with the power of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Android/iOS platforms.

Social Networking

Increase your brand recognition and customer loyalty or boost product sales by engaging new users. Having a professional Facebook business page for your brand is essential to connect with your audience through web links, posts, news stories, blog posts.


Our clients operate their companies. We determine and execute the tasks it needs to effectively promote them, their brands, their products, their events, startups and services using all available on market digital channels.

Workflow optimization & Data Management

Our solutions feature is a unique combination of data management, analytics tools, and services for enhancing revenue, enabling more effective account segmentation and prioritization for maximizing operational efficiency. Advanced technology and experience combine to help you work smarter.

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Why you should choose our services

Complete IT Business Solutions.

We are here to make technology easier for our customers. We want you to focus on your business and let us take care of the technology and creative. Technology is not something you always have to know but is definitely something you leverage to grow your business

Multi-Digital channel approach.

Access more than 54 DSP/SSP suppliers of Mobile Display, Video and Native ads, in combination with social marketing, allows us to achieve an impulse effect on the users, even with extremely tight targeting for rare Geos.

True performance-based advertising.

We truly believe in our capabilities thats why we offer a post-payment business.
Customer pays only when there are real measurable results.
We use auto-optimization tools and hyper-targeting to activate this HUGE potential of RTB marketplaces.

Dedicated Partnership.

Passionate about getting stuff done, reliable and focused on delivering the value, not just the product. We are interested in long-term collaboration respectively we want to deliver only working solutions.

Case studies

We help you turn your idea into a great product and make it work.


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Complete web/app Solution

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